Overall Aims

1. Develop students’ English Language proficiency
2. Enhance students’ personal and intellectual development
3. Extend students’ understanding of other cultures

School-based Targets

Shared book approach, task-based approach, reading programme and enrichment programme are adopted for developing:
1. Students'knowledge of language forms and communicative functions
2. Language skills (listening, speaking, reading, writing) and language development strategies, such as reference skills and library skills
3. Generic skills (collaboration, communication, creativity, critical thinking, information technology, numeracy, problem-solving, self-management and study)
4. Positive values and attitudes



2016-2017 年度活動
English Day Camp
Doctor Dog
English Week
Calligraphy Competition

2015-2016 年度活動
English Day Camp
English Fun Day
Doctor Dog Visit
English Fun Day (P.1,P.2)
English Fun Day (P.3,P.4)